Josh Aubin ~ vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion
Lilah Larson ~ vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, bass
Ezra Miller ~ vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards


 In the six years since its inception, Brooklyn-based Sons of an Illustrious Father has taken many forms, from acoustic duo to rock quintent. Its current incarnation consists of Josh Aubin, Lilah Larson, and Ezra Miller, who share vocal and songwriting responsibilities and exchange instruments including acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums, among others. They draw from a vast constellation of influences, from folk traditionals to contemporary hip-hop and the rich and varied history of rock ‘n’ roll in between. The result is music that explores the space between the ancient and modern, gentle and aggressive, strong and vulnerable, quiet and loud. They have released two full-length albums, one EP, and most recently a series of singles, No Mercy / Loveletting and Very Few Dancers / Strange Home.