They are talented multi-instrumentalists, wielding guitars, accordion, banjo, mandolin, and drums with obvious mastery and passion. Pair that with achingly gorgeous harmonies that brilliantly underscore clever and often intense lyrics, and the result is nothing less than breathtaking.

—Melanie Parker-Levi, The Ruckus

Sons of an Illustrious Father are extremely good at what they do.  They possess the pure, innate elements of artistry that convey clearly the raw extension and manifestation of what’s naturally contained within themselves, awaiting expression.

 —Jeff Vincent, Dirty Hippie Radio

Like an unresponsive corpse suddenly reaching up for your throat, One Body packs all the panic of modern living into one, beautifully recorded LP to define a DIY generation...Sons of an Illustrious Father present the most thoughtful album of the year.


We're saying it now: Sons of an Illustrious Father should be everyone's favorite band.

—Fiel Estrella and Eunice Alindada, Elision


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